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Quality and Safety

Our products are produced to a very high standard and safety underpins everything that we do. Working with the Health and Safety Executive, we have produced a standard for the isolation gown and agreed the testing that is required to ensure a fit for purpose, safe product for the wearers.

As we developed the products we also engineered fabric bases to ensure we had the ability to pass all the testing set out. Our products have been trialled by clinicians and found to be superior to previously supplied stock. We now have standard performance gowns that meet 20cm hydrostatic head and high performance that exceeds 100cm hydrostatic head.

We are compliant with BS13795 giving us fully fluid repellent isolation gowns. Due diligence has taken place to ensure that every gown produced within our network is to the same high-quality standards, and we are absolutely compliant with the Modern Slavery Act, ensuring that our supply chain is robust in every area.

In addition to all of this, we use materials sourced in Britain where ever possible – true local production using local supplies.

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